The Bergen County Properties Team

Steven Reger, founder of Bergen County Properties isn't your typical NJ Realtor. His background in Real Estate comes from his penchant for buying, renovating and selling properties. Specializes in Bergen County homes, Steven and his team of builders and designers can help you buy and renovate if needed, your dream home. Most buyers I meet tell me they would love to renovate some of the homes they see in order to save money on the purchase price, but also to get exactly what they want to have in the home. The two main items holding them back is a vision for what they house could become as well as the right contacts for where to begin.

Bergen County Properties solves both of these issues by offering a complete concierge style service, helping homeowners achieve their dream home without overspending.

If you're a seller, Bergen County Properties has worked with Sellers to renovate and stage their home so that they can get top dollar. We help clients clean up the clutter and provide access to qualified NJ contractors so that your home looks it's best.



We operate in a supportive, professional, positive environment that helps each member of our team provide the highest level of service in the industry. This high-performance atmosphere allows our team to act on the passion and drive it takes to surpass the expectations of every client. When you hire Bergen County Properties, you don’t just hire one agent, you hire a team of 20+ agents all working together to achieve the desired results.



We have built a business on helping customers just like you. Our team has successfully negotiated and closed hundreds of transactions, helping our customers sell for top dollar and buy for less.


Innovative Marketing Plans

Our Renovate To Sell, Sell By Design, and Renovate To Buy programs offer our clients a unique alternative to traditional Realtors. Although we employ a fantastic mix of old-fashioned hard work and utilize the latest marketing tools, our innovative programs are is often the reason why we're able to achieve results when others have failed. Our sales programs generate more interest when listing a property for sale because unlike traditional Realtors who can only offer to sell the home As-Is, we offer buyers the added option of being able to buy the property with some custom renovations. Our in-house team of contractors, designers and Realtors work together with each buyer focusing on what they ideally want in a new home. This takes the focus off of price negotiation and instead places back where it belongs, giving the buyer the home of their dreams.


For Buyers looking to purchase a home, these same programs can be utilized to find older/outdated homes that our in-house team of contractors and designers can renovate to meet any client’s needs. The best part is that Bergen County Properties will purchase and renovate the property using OUR OWN MONEY. This makes the process of buying a custom home more affordable and easier to purchase.


Proven Results

Bergen County Properties consistently gets results where others have failed. If you have a property that has languished on the market and have only received low ball offers or no offers at all, we can help. Our innovative approach to marketing and selling a property goes far beyond the traditional approach of listing and advertising a property.


Many Realtors simply throw a lock box on a property and ask other agents to walk the home on their own. Why would anyone pay a listing agent to put a lock box on a house so anyone with access can walk in. At BCP, we never utilize lock boxes, instead our approach is to always be present so that we can talk with every potential buyer about the positives of every home. This also gives us the opportunity to listen to any potential negative feedback while explaining how our in-house team of designers and contractors can remedy potential areas of concern. If your agent isn't present for every showing, not getting the foot traffic you might want or expect and your home isn't selling, we have a solution that offers guaranteed results.


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