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    James Goett, owner and founder of Scuta Real Estate LLC (skyoo-ta) was founded in 2009 with the goal of flipping single-family properties in foreclosure in order to capitalize on the turbulence of the U.S. housing market. In the ensuing years, the James secured his real estate license and evolved his business into a full-scale luxury home development and design company focused primarily in Bergen County, NJ.

    After conducting in-depth analyses of markets and trends, James will work with you and engage in hyper-accurate budgeting, bidding, and payment management controls. Combined with innovative financing methods and efficient cash flow management, these principles ensure that the construction operation is not only managed professionally but also incorporates the practices of much larger real estate development companies as it responsibly grows into a full-scale development operation.

    James also utilizes a proprietary cloud collaboration system, allowing projects to be managed extremely effectively, expediting all project bids, contracts, certificates of insurance and lien waivers to maximize workflow efficiency and minimize completion schedules.

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    James Goett
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    Phone: 201-345-5405

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