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    Properties By Design – Arizona


    Are you looking to purchase a home but can’t find a property that fits your taste and budget? Properties By Design can help.

    Our unique “Renovate To Buy” program, offers an in-house team of Realtors, designers and contractors to help you locate older and outdated properties which PBD will renovate and finish to your specific taste and still keep you under budget.

    How does it work?
    1) PBD will discuss your requirements and show you properties that fit your needs.
    2) PBD will offer several reno options along with the associated for each property.
    3) PBD invests Our Own Money to purchase and renovate YOUR selected property.
    4) You purchase the fully renovated property from PBD at a pre-determined price.

    If you’re looking to buy a home, don’t buy “move-in ready”, let Properties By Design create the perfect home for less.

    The Buying Process

    Buying a home in Maricopa County? Don’t make the mistake of believing all realtors are the same. Properties By Design specializes in helping buyers find less expensive homes with unrealized potential which can then be transformed into the home of their dreams through home renovation.

    Why pay top dollar for a recently renovated home that doesn’t quite fit your preferred taste.  Savvy buyers look to build equity in a home prior to moving in, instead of paying a premium for another homeowners renovation.

    Many home buyers often feel overwhelmed by the thought of home renovation projects and believe that their lack of knowing where to begin and/or vision for what the completed project could look like would prohibit them from utilizing this cost effective approach.

    To simplify your home purchasing experience, here are a few steps Properties By Design will work with you on:

    1. Determine your overall project budget (Maximum amount you’re looking to spend)
    2. Identify your preferred neighborhood
    3. Determine size of home required including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, parking spaces and etc…
    4. Evaluate several move-in ready homes in order to get a feel for your desired features and preferences.
    5. Identify homes that meet your basic criteria while always keeping in mind that interior finishes can easily and cost efficiently be updated and changed while structural changes require more time and money to complete.

    Properties By Design concierge service makes the home buying process smooth, easy and fun. By leveraging our years of experience, we help home buyers just like you maximize your budget, build equity and avoid money pits.

    Our realtor/contractor home evaluations of available properties help buyers see the renovation possibilities, along with the added home equity associated with a remodel. Renovations projects such as updated bathrooms, expanded/remodeled kitchens, fresh paint and exterior alterations have all been proven to add significant value.

    Let Properties By Design help you navigate the Maricopa County housing market and build home equity, while giving you the dream home you desire.