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    Renovate to Sell


    Is Your Home Instagram Ready? If not, BCP can help you increase your net proceeds through our innovative Renovate to Sell & Sell By Design Programs. There are NO UPFRONT or OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES and WE GUARANTEE A MINIMUM SALES PRICE.

    Using the outdated traditional approach to selling a home is like using a flip phone for sending text messages, it works, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

    Owning a home is one of the largest investments people make so when it comes time to sell, why not maximize the net proceeds upon sale from your investment. Our in-house team of contractors, designers and Realtors work with you to gain a firm understanding about  your motivation for selling.

    Some homeowners strive to achieve the the maximum sales price while others need to sell quickly or with the least amount of intrusion into your daily life. Whatever your reason for selling, BCP will help you determine which projects offer the greatest return on investment while still adhering to your reasons for selling.

    The goal of any renovation project is to make you home more appealing to a wider array of buyers. 

    Once the suggested improvements have been agreed upon, Bergen County Properties will lay out all upfront costs associated with renovating, marketing and selling your property. We provide a minimum sales price guarantee which states that if we don’t sell your home for what we promise, we lose our investment. If we sell your home for what we promise or above, we recoup our investment at closing. It’s that simple.

    No more vague promises about selling your home, or giving away your hard earned equity to a company peddling some instant  iBuyer program. Instead, we put our money where our mouth is and actually guarantee a minimum sales price and a more profitable sale.

    How Does The Process Work?

     Step 1: Initial Consultation

    Bergen County Properties will come to your home for a free, no obligation home consultation to discuss your goals for selling and what price you might be looking to achieve if you were to sell.

    Step 2: Property Analysis

    Our professional Realtors® walk your property and prepare a detailed comparative market analysis report, highlighting recent home sales in your neighborhood. We then offer suggestions about home renovation projects that would substantially increase the value of your home. After we determine the scope of the project we provide a written minimum sales price guarantee.

    Step 3: Renovate To Sell

    Bergen County Properties utilizes a skilled team of in-house NJ licensed contractors for all renovation services. Since these contractors are part of our in-house team and not some hired independent subcontractors, we’re often able to provide renovation services for a fraction of the cost and without all of  the typical headaches associated with working with contractors. The best part however, is that you have ZERO upfront cost. Bergen County Properties will assume all of the risk and expense in renovating, marketing and selling your home. If we don’t sell your property for what we promise, we lose our investment.  It’s that simple.

    Step 4: We Sell Your Property

    Bergen County Properties will stage your home, hire a professional photographer and videographer to showcase your newly renovated move-in ready home. You only pay us, once we sell your home.

    Recent Renovation Projects 

    Each Of These Properties Increased The Sellers Net Proceeds By $75,000 or More